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R v J - Defendant charged with False Imprisonment and Battery of partner. Following 4 day trial, jury unanimously found Defendant not guilty

R v K - Historical Sexual abuse case made against father by daughter. Witnesses involved mother and extended family members. Jury unanimously found D not guilty following a week long trial

R v H - D charged with 4 counts of Assault against an off duty police officer. Was said to have assaulted officer with a cricket bat. Jury returned a majority verdict of 10:2 in favour of defendant

R v A - D was charged with Affray and Possession of Offensive weapon ( an 18 inch Machete). D ran a defence of Self defence. Jury found D not guilty of both counts after 2 hours of deliberation

R v H - D was charged with Possession with intent to supply Class B Cannabis. Following an application to dismiss, judge dismissed the case half way through trial for lack of evidence to suggest that D was indeed a street supplier