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24 EMERGENCY NUMBER 07894 99 61 54

Ghulam Humayun is an experienced Criminal Defence Solicitor, who has represented clients at the Crown Court, Court of Appeal, Magistrates Courts and Police Stations.

Ghulam has vigorously defended clients in matters of Fraud, Serious Assault, Sexual Assault, Kidnap, False Imprisonment and a number of other serious offences.

You know you've reached the pinnacle of customer satisfaction when your clients are begging you to set up your own shop. That's exactly what happened to the founding partner of Criminal Defence Solicitors, who was soon joined by a number of like-minded lawyers and office staff in providing personal services for the accused, convicted, and under-represented businesses and individuals of London and the surrounding areas. Our practice encompasses everything from handling routine arrests for minor criminal offences to serious violent crimes; if you need a criminal solicitor, we're there for you.


The Criminal Defence Solicitors' Difference

We believe in providing honest, straightforward representation, not in giving our clients false hope. We provide no-nonsense legal advisory and defence services for those who are in need of a solid and rigorous representation by qualified and competent attorneys. 

Our solicitors have a combined experience of more than 35 years to their credit, and we still believe in fighting the good fight for justice and fair representation. Every acquittal, every appeal and every answer of "no further charges" is music to our ears. 

If you need a Solicitor who believes that everyone deserves a fair defence and a second chance, contact us today on 0789 4 996 154